Mr. Hartan's Science Class

"Knowledge is a reckoning . . . a way to assess your location, your true position, not a strategy for improving your position." -Walter Kirn-

Why Save Endangered Species? Why Care About Biodiversity?



1. List 6 reasons why we should care about saving endangered species.

2. Look up and provide a description of one endangered species in the Northeast

3. Do you agree or disagree with the article? Explain.

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  Brittany J wrote @

1. We should care about saving endangered species because they are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to nations and their people.

2. One endangered species in the Northeast is the American chestnut. it had little resistance to an Asian fungus that suddenly appeared in New York City. By 1950, the American chestnut was virtually extinct except for the occasional prouts that also got infected. Scientists are trying to develop a disease resistant strain and restore its population.

3. I do agree with this article for a few reasons. i agree with it becasue I think we should try to save our endangered species since every specied plays such an important role in our biosphere. Also, without certain species in an ecosystem, the organisms around them will be affected so it’s our job to save any possible cases of endangered species.

  jacob g wrote @

1.endangered species:
1.make new medicines organim effects many others agriculture naturally
4.tell us about pollution
5.provide food
6.prevent unexpected changes in ecosystems
2.the humpback whale is an endangered species in massachuesetts. About 10,000 remain today, they are killed by pollution, fishing gear, and collisions with boats
3. I agree with this article, there are many things endangered species do for us like make medicine and killing them would change ecosystems unexpectedly. We should do our best to protect endangered species.

  Alex D. Period 4 wrote @

1. Endangered species are in serious danger, and there are many reasons why we humans should care and aid those organisms. One reason is that Earth has a very delicate, converse biosphere, and the extinction of one organism could set off a chain reaction affecting countless others in a negative manner. Another reason is that biological biodiversity has made many contributions to the field of medicine. Different organisms have provided countless medications to benefit human health, and many organisms have health benefits waiting to be discovered. The extinction of these organisms could possibly eliminate an essential cure for certain diseases that affect human kind. A third reason is because some organisms can really aid the agricultural industry. Farmers can use insects and other animals that prey on crop-eating pests and plants containing toxic substances. These organisms are known as biological controls, and considered a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative to chemicals.
Yet another reason for caring about endangered species is that their declining populations can often inform us of the environmental quality. An example of such would have been the steady decrease in the populations of both the bald eagle and the peregrine falcon. These decreases in population alerted us to the dangers of the pesticide DDT, which was then in turn outlawed in the United States. The fifth reason for the conservation of endangered species is that certain species may contribute to certain “ecosystem services”, which are fundamental life support services provided by our ecosystem. These services include air and
water purification, detoxification and
decomposition of wastes, climate regulation, regeneration of soil fertility, and the production and maintenance of biological diversity. These services are worth trillions of dollars annually, and without them, we could go into a deeper economic decline. The final reason for aiding endangered species is the intangible values that the organisms have. If a species has had the chance to develop over thousands of years, it is not morally right for humans to march in and cause the extinction of that species. When humans eliminate a species, that species can never be replaced, and it is comparable to ripping out pages of history, because the extinction of that species leads to discoveries that can never be made. These are six reasons why mankind should care about saving endangered species. Endangered species have much more value to human kind than they could ever imagine, and they must work together to reach the common goal of saving those species.
2. One endangered species in the Northeastern section of the United States is the Piping Plover. The Piping Plover is a sand-colored, sparrow-sized shorebird that nests and feeds along coastal sand and gravel beaches. The coastal sand and gravel beaches are also where the Plover breeds, and forages for food such as insects, marine worms and crustaceans. Although it is not listed as endangered in all of its habitats, it is still threatened due to habitat loss and human activity near nesting sites. However, these birds are seeing a slow rise in population, which could lead to a removal from the Endangered Species List.
3. I do agree with the article “Why Save Endangered Species?”. It explains the numerous benefits that endangered species do and can cause for us, and without those benefits, human kind would be in deep trouble. Previously, I believed that the only reason why people were campaigning to save endangered species was because they loved animals, and thought of their extinction as cruel. However, this article taught me that those who campaign to save animal rights have two valid reasons for campaigning, the savior of the species, and also the betterment of human life. Taking away the habitats of organisms in order to better human life is wrong, but the fact that when these species become extinct, it hurts humans directly, that is terrible. I do not believe that enough people know all of the facts about endangered species, and writing articles such as this one can only help better people’s knowledge. If people did have a better knowledge of all that endangered species do for mankind, than I believe that there would be a much bigger movement towards the preservation of endangered species. I commend the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for writing an article not just about why endangered species should be saved, but also about how if they are not saved, how humans will be affected in the long run.

  Shannon B wrote @

1.) 6 reasons why we should care about saving endangered species are
1.) they are used for medicines
2.) they are important benefits for agriculture
3.) they feed the world’s growing population
4.) they can alert us to the effects of some contaminants before more damage is done.
5.) fundamental life-support services provided by our ecosystem
6.) bird watching generated $85 billion on economical benefits to the nation in 2001

2.)Bald Eagles have a white head and tail. Bald Eagles fly with heavy, deep strokes and soar on flattened wings. They are endangered in the Northeast region of the United States.

3.) Overall i agree with the article because it provides reason why we should save endangered species. They have as much as a right to live as we do.

  Brianna I. P4 wrote @

1. -medicine
-control other species’s populations
-helps agriculture
-healthy environment
-services in the ecosystem

2. An endangered species in the Northeast is the Piping Plover. It is a small bird that nested on beaches until they were hunted by predators that were both native and introduced by people. People have also endangered the birds by using beaches for recreation, accidentally steping on camoflauged eggs, or even driving over the birds. There environment is also in danger due to development on beaches

3. I agree with the article that we should take care of endangered species. Not only should we protect them for now but we should also protect them for the future. They may hold some importance for medicine or even an important scientific discovery. I think that this article was very interesting and I agree with it.

  Ellie- Period 3 wrote @

1. -medicines through plants and animals.
-forests providing 25% of the oxygen we breathe.
-plants and animals serving as danger indicators.
-agricultural benefit, crops on inadequate land.
-purify air for healthy ecosystem
– provide clean food and water for survival.
2. Bald Eagle, It has yellow eyes and a beak that stands in contrast to its dark brown body. Eagles can reach flight speeds between 35 and 44 miles per hour. This is one species of several in the Northeast that is endangered.

3. I do agree with the article because i think it is a great source to show how to help and benefit your ecosystem without puting any species in danger. It also show how in the past, our ecosystem and ways of production has made several plants and animals endangered. So, yes, I do agree with the message from the article.

  Stephen Coll. wrote @

1. – They play a very important role on the food chain

  Stephen Coll. wrote @

1. – They play a very important role in the food chain – They are a great contribution to medicine – Some animals can be used as drugs to cure people, example : venom – Farmers use insects or animals to repel insects – They can never be replaced – They are historical and educational 2. Atlantic Salmon is an endangered species in the Northeast. Their habitat is mostly in the state of Manie. Over harvesting, dams, and water pollution caused many of these fish to disappear by the late 1800’s. Because of the Endangered Species Act, many of the Atlantic Slamon have been able to surivive. They have saved over 21,000 acres and 84 miles of rivers where wild salmon are known to spawn. This is important because they play a very important part in the food chain. 3. I agree with the article 100%. This is because the article claimed many things the humans do to distroy animals habitats. An example is tropical rain forests. Humans are the main problem of endangered species. I also agree that DDT is another reason that cause endangered species. We need to put a stop to this because of the chain reactions in the food chains and the contribution to medicine. It will be very bad if we don’t put a stop to this.

  Steven J. Period 4 wrote @

1. According to Congress’s Endangered Species Act of 1973, six reasons why we should care about saving endangered species, “recognizing that endangered and threatened species of wildlife and plants are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to the Nation and its people.”
2. The Myotis sodalis or the Indiana bat is a small bat less than 2 inches in length, with dark gray to brownish black fur. It has a pinkish nose, small hind feet. These bats are endangered in the Northeast for several reasons. One is because humans have altered cave entrances. Structures built to restrict human access to caves have also altered the movement of the bats. This also causes changes in air flow, temperatures, and humidity levels and makes caves less suitable for the bats. These bats also feed on insects so Indiana bats have also suffered declines due to use of pesticides.
3. In some ways I do agree with this article but in others I disagree. For example on page 8 of the article it mentions how “It was only a fungus that gave us penicillin, and certain plants have yielded substances used in drugs to treat heart disease, cancer, and a variety of other illnesses fungus was.” If an organism like fungus had become extinct it would be very bad. But also it sounds like a waste of money to spent millions of dollars to save a species that could have no purpose.

  Nicole C. wrote @

1/A. Each species is dependent upon other species within their ecosystem. The elimination of one of these species could prove devastating to that ecosystem.
B. Modern medicine uses the information taken from the genetics of unique species to make medical advances.
C. Certain species are instrumental in “Biological Control”. They eat certain other species, preventing over population and getting rid certain species that would harm people and crops.
D. Most unique species are indicators of issues in the environment, especially pollution.
E. They can profit the economy.
F. They inspire some of the most unique animals invented by humans (fictional characters).

2. The Red Sqirrel, among the most endangered species in the northeast, is an undersized species of sqirrel who’s body is specifically suited for jumping. They are found in cooler climates which makes it well suited for the rocky mountain states as well as Canada and Alaska. Due to the fact that their main food source is pine seeds, their habitat is primarily in pine trees,

3. I do belive that certain measures should be taken to protect these endangered species. Based on the reasons stated in the article, they are not only of value to us but to the environment, to which we owe everything we have. Simple things like not destroying their homes would definitely help to bring up their dangerously low populations.

  EleanorH period6 wrote @

1. Six reasons why we should care about saving endangered species are: they are of historical and scientific value to the people and their nation, if keystone species become extinct it will effect us, several of our medicines are made of plants and there are only more to be discovered, they benefit our agriculture,they alert us of certain effects before more damage is done, living organisms benefit our economy,

2. The Roseate Tern is an endangered species in Massachusetts. Roseate Tern live on beaches in the spring. They are plunge divers that feed on sand lance. They became endangered because of displacement from breeding sites, and increased predation.

3.I agree with the article, because I do not think humans have the right to decide what species should stay on this planet. They have been here for millions of years, and are now disappearing mainly because of humans. I also agree with the article when it talks about the keystone species, and how we will one day be effected by the damage we are creating now.

  Chelsea – period 4 wrote @

1. We should care about saving endangered species because they “are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to the National and its people.” These close to extinction species are important knowledge to science and our world.

2. In the Northeast, one endangered species is the Canada Lynx, which is sometimes called “the ghost of the forest.” The Canada Lynx is a large, bob-tailed cat of the northern forests. This species is sometimes confused with its common relative, the bobcat. However, the lynx is slightly larger, has grayish fur (rather than reddish) and a solid black tip on its slightly shorter tail. This animal uses its paws as snowshoes to walk across the heavy snow. The Canada Lynx are known to live in the northeastern part of the U.S. in Maine.

3. I definitely agree with this article because I think it shows and explains that species are becoming endangered and extinct repeatedly all the time because of irresponsible actions. Due to habitat loss, environmental pollution, and the spread of diseases more and more species are becoming endangered every day. Although people wonder why they should help these species and how they benefit from them, they should understand that these close to extinction species are important scientific value.

  J Shep.Period 6 wrote @

1. Endangered species are very important to a food web, as are all species. We need to save them because they make diversity in nature. This diversity provides inspiration for many writers and artists. Endangered species can never be replaced if they become extinct. Every creature has an intrinsic value. A loss of a species is just plain wrong. Mankind shouldn’t be able to destroy the variety in the natural world.
2. One endangered species in the Northeast is the lynx. The lynx is a medium-sized wild cat that usually is solitary. They give birth to 2 to 4 kittens every spring. Lynx live in dens in crevices or under ledges. They live in high alitude forests with shrubs and grass. They eat a range of animals including deer, birds, fish, sheep, goats, snowshoe hares, and other small mammals. Lynx can climb trees and swim. There aren’t many lynx left and they need all the help they can get.
3. I agree with the article because it is trying to help save the endangered species in a way. The article is convincing people ways to save endangered species and why they should save them. It also shows how it is very easy to do your part to help all species, endangered or not.

  Brian F wrote @

1. The rate of extincion has incresed by a lot over the past 100 years. It will give us another reason to stop cutting down trees. Chesnut trees were preventing asian fungus from growing, but now it is growing in new york. There are many specis that people spend there whole lives studying them, and if they went extinct, people wouldn’t be able to study them anymore. some people like those animals. If people kept killing off animals and specis, it could result in a world war. Some organisms, are needed to keep the food chain balanced.
2. the pacifice yew tree- the bark of the tree is being peeled off for medicinal uses, and the trees are dying fast.
3. I strongly disagree with the people who are not caring wether a specis is endangered or not, and i think that us humans, the cause of this raised death rate, should try to help the endangered, and prevent further endangerment of animals.

  Abby wrote @

1. No one knows how the
extinction of organisms will affect
the other members of its ecosystem,
but the removal of a single species
can set off a chain reaction affecting many others.

2. All species have unique genetic material, and this genetic material if a species goes extinct cannot be duplicated. Many species contain chemicals that can benefit human health when used in medicines. Scientists have only discovered some of species, that have aspects that can benefit humans, and as science improves, we will find more and more helpful chemicals in species. (some being endangered)

3. Even insignificant species, for example insects are proven to be helpful to humans. Certain species are used instead of pesticides, to kill harmful bugs and protect crops and agriculture.

4. Many species are environmental indicators, and show us that something in the environment is going wrong. An example is mussels, might die and indicate to us that there is some type of water pollution. It is important that species do not become endangered, because it is very helpful for us to know these sort of things.

5. Animals also provide a boost to the economy, and if species went endangered this would not be possible. Bird watching is an example situation, in which people will pay money to see birds (some endangered), benefiting the economy.

6. Lastly, we should care about saving endangered species because it is the right thing to do. Just because we have to power to wipe out most species, does not mean that we should be doing it. Caring about endangered species more would decrease the amount of damage that humankind is doing to the earth.

One of the many endangered species in the Northeast is the piping plover. The piping plover is a small sandy colored bird that lives on beaches along the Atlantic coast. The piping plover also inhabits parts of Canada and along the shores of the Great Lakes. The piping plover eats insects, crustaceans and marine worms along the shore of beaches. The piping plovers living along the Atlantic coast (from Newfoundland to North Carolina) were once common, in the 19th century but because so much commercial hunting for its feathers, they have become endangered. There have been treaties and acts to attempt to prevent the extinction of this species. We can help to prevent further endangerment by respecting closed off areas on beaches (for nesting), not littering on the beaches, and to never approach or disturb piping plovers.

I strongly agree with this article. I believe that it is important to protect endangered species, because for the most part they have become endangered because of us humans. I believe it is important to take action to help endangered species, and spread more awareness about the endangered species. The article highlighted many points that I had not thought about, and that I agreed with. Ex. The importance of species to human medicine development.

  Chris La. wrote @

1. Endangered species make up part of the diversity in this world. Also, the loss of an animal or plant is going to disrupt the food chain. Evolution could also be affected. These species also could have medicinal value. Also, different plants are sold. Finally, endangered species give recreational jobs.
2. The piping plover is a small brown bird. It is found in the Northeast. I have seen one in Maine.
3. I agree animals should be saved. Animals who are endangered affect our lives directly and the things around us.

  colby wrote @

1. Six reasons to care about saving endangered species are; One, different species have evolved to deal with different diseases and if we study these species we can learb how to prevent that disease in people, Two, There are some species that are known as “keystone species” these hold whole ecosystems together and it would be disastrous if we lost them, Three, species that benefit agriculture without harmful chemicals these are good because not only are they usually cheap but they prevent the use of harmful pesticides, Fourth, species called “environmental monitors” give notifications of the environment in their actions, bodies, or populations, this helps catch harmful things before they become true problems, Fifth, an important thing to think about is “ecosystem services” which do things like provide oxygen, or replenish the soil, species going extinct could greatly affect ecosystem services, and Sixth, biodiversity could be helping our economy! the U.S fish and wildlife service estimated that animal watching gernerated $85 billion in economic benefits in 2001 that’s a lot!

2.The Dwarf Wedgemussel has two lateral teethon the right valve and only one on the left side. The dwarf wedgemussel is a small mussel, whose shell size is rarely longer than 45 mm in length and rarely larger than 25 mm high. The trapezoidal-shaped shells are colored brown or yellowish-olive, with reddish brown or greenish rays in young or pale specimens. The nacre is bluish or silvery white, and is iridescent on the posterior.

3. I definatly agree with this artical because we don’t know if the species that died off yesterday could have cured the common cold or held an entire ecosystem together. You should also save species because they are wonderful and every species is a brick in the ecosystem, and if you take out enough bricks the ecosystem crumbles, we definatly don’t want any ecosystems to crumble.

  Jessie B. wrote @

1. We should care about endangered species because the extinctionof organisms can affect other members of the ecosystem so that they grow faster, or become extinct also. Another reason is that every animal has a different genetic makeup, and they might be very helpful to medicinal science. Some species are also very important in agriculture, and eat certain pests, and some plants also contain natural toxins. Many orgainisms provide economic services like climate regulation. Other organisms purify air and water. Lastly, organism are important to the human species and are inspiration for poets and writers.
2. The bald eagle is an endangered species in New England. Their wingspans can be up to 7 feet. These birds are very historical and important to New England.
3. I agree with the article, because I believe that endangered species are very impotrant to preserve. Humans should take care to preserve species becuse it is from our actions that they are begining to be extinct. Many of these animals are important for us too.

  HenryAnd.6 wrote @

1. Endangered species are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to the world.

2. The American chestnut tree has become almost extinct do to an Asian fungus. The made chestnut which were a cash crop for many and the wood was strong and rot resistant.

3. I agree with this article. Even though extinction is a part of nature, humans are forcing extinction upon some organisms that might not have happened in nature. By reducing the impact we have on the environment and saving the organisms we’ve endangered, we can return the natural order of things.

  Curts S Period 6 wrote @

1.)The Food Chains/Webs
Medical advances
Agriculture and crops
Environmental Monitors
Eco-services(removal of waste)
Economic value

2.)The Piping Plover
-Size of a sparrow
-Beaches and sand dunes
-On the atlantic coast

3.)I agree with the article because withought all these speicies who knows what catastrophic meltdown may result from it. We need to save these animals.

  Shannon G wrote @

1) We should definitely take into consideration that so many species of organisms are endangered. Some species play an important role of supporting people. For example, the chestnut tree allowed families to sell its nuts, and it also helped to build strong bulidings and otehr products. Saving endangered species would also mean our ecosystems would be more in balance. If species are not saved, then food webs and ecostystems would be destroyed. Another reason we should consider saving endangered species is that once their genetic material is lost; it is lost forever. It cannot be duplicated. Having their genetic material can help contribute to the field of medicine. Some of their molecules are so complex that chemists would never be able to create them themselves. Helping endangered species can also help agriculture. Some plants can kill insects that interfere with growing crops because they have natural toxins. It is also more environmentally friendly and is less expensive than using chemicals. Some endangered species alert people if there are harmful pollutants in the air, which is another reason why we should try to save them. We should make an effort to save endangered species also because they can bring in cash, like wildlife watching.

2) Severeal species in the Northeast are endangered, such as the Karner blue butterfly. They generally live around open grassy areas, pitch pine, and srcub oak. They live in states like New York and New Hampshire. They live in very specific habitats, and because of wildfires, and human activity, the Karner blue butterfly is now considered an endangered specie.

3) I completely agree with the ideas of this article. Because of the immigrants that settled here in America, the diversity of species has decreased. Though nature may or may not be a part of extinction of specific species, humans are responsible for killing off many species. Once they are gone, they can never come back. It is our responsibility to make an effort to help save these endangered species.

  Bridget Phil. wrote @

“The removal of a single species can set off a chain reaction affecting
many others”. Although it may not seem like the elimination of one species will affect us as humas, in the long run, we could be greatly harmed.
A large number of our medical perscriptions come from organisms in the wild. Withous these organisms and their natural chemicals, people will die younger and faster without treatment.
Certain species are environmental indicators. They let us know before danger strikes such as DDT. Environmental indicators are vital in our environment, and without them the human race will be worse off.
Some plants enrich our soil and make it possible to grow healthy, and plentiful crops each year. If those were to become extinct, in the long run harvest may lessen.
Unnoticed to most, bird watching is actually a major contributor to today’s economy! Some birds are endangered species, and if they become extinct there will be that many birds unable to be watched. Nature boosts our economy. Common foods such as nuts from the chestnut tree are abolished when their sources become extinct.

The bald eagle is the symbol of the United States of America, but also happens to be an endangered species. These beautiful birds were being killed off by the harmful pesticide DDT which was banned. Thanks to this, the Bald Eagle has been recently classified as threatened. This happened in 1995.

Before I read this article, i was not as aware about the affects extinction of other species had on me. I fully agree with the content of this article, and that we need to become more involved in the rescue of these organisms.

  Jeff D wrote @

I believe we should be taking endangered species more seriously. Although unlikely, the cure for cancer could be a plant on the brink of extinction that we might be able to save and put an end to this terrible disease.

  Thom. Ch. wrote @

1). One reason we should care about endangered spieces is that they provide so much for us humans, they first of all help the economy at times, they also help us medically with new cures. they can evenprovide us with a good sorce of food if we dont let them go extinct. Another good reason we should care is because we are doing it, were causing the extinction of so many animals some of which we dont even know of.

2). The grizzly bear is an endangered spieces with only an estimated 30,000 left most of which live in alaska but were once home in the lower 48 states as well

3). i agree with the article because we should care about how we impact the enviorment not only for the endangered animals in it but for ourselves as well because they provide so much for us and much more that we have yet to discover

  Jeff Q wrote @

1.We should save endangered speicies because they can sometimes be important to human survival, by killing of one species it can cause another species to die out, as trees are depleted the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere rises, genetic materials in many species can contribute to the field of medicine, some farmers use different organisms to kill off harmful pests, organisms can serve as biological monitors like how the decrease in Bald Eagles and Peregrine falcons showed the harmful chemical DDT.

2.The Canada Lynx is a large cat that is known to only ocurr in the forests of Maine. The Lynx is characterized by grayish fur, long ear tufts and very large hind paws that act as snow shoes. An adult can way between 20 and 30 pounds it is very uncommon in the United States and was listed as a threatend species in the Endangered Species Act of 2000.

3.I agree with the article. it talks about the many important reasons to save endangered species and i totally agree with this cause. I believe that humans could reap the great benefits of these animals in the near and distant future.

  Brooke r. period 4 wrote @

1) six reasons why we should care about saving endangered species
1. the extinction of some species sets off a chain reaction affecting many others.
2. that species can help us a great deal in medicine
3. those species are important to their ecosystems and the world
4. some of these endangered species eat and control the populations of other species we
don’t really like, such as insects and mosquitos
5. it is wrong to not care that we are causing a species to become extinct.

2) one endangered species in the northeast is the pouched frog.They are grey to pinkish brown or red, with some dark patches on their head and body. They live in cool, moist rainforest, including Antarctic Beech, or moist eucalypt forest in mountainous areas, mostly above 800 m. They are becoming endangered because of drought and climate change, timber harvesting, and road clearing.

3) I definetly agree with this article because it shows us what is really going on with the endangered and extinct species out their, and how helpful thery are to us. Also is tells us about the affects of what will happen if they go extinct , not to mention that they can never come back into the world once they are gone.

  Stephanie M Period 6 wrote @

1. * Endangered and threatened species are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to the people and our Nation.
* The removal of a single species can set of a chain reaction affecting many others. The loss of a “key stone” species can transform or undermine the ecological processes or change the composition of the wildlife community.
* Different species can contribute to the field of medicine. Different genetic material has evolved over eons, and can not be replaced if lost.
* Farmers are using different types of insects and other animals to repel other harmful insects away from their crops.
* Individual species are uniquely important as indicators of environmental quality.
* Some benefits from animals and plants can be quantified. The amount of money made from animals and plants can be shown.

2. The red-cockaded woodpecker was put on the endangered species list in 1970. The reason for the birds’ endangerment is due to loss of habitat. With humans cutting down many trees the woodpecker has nowhere to live. The red-cockaded woodpecker eats worms, wood-boring insects, berries, beetles, ants, moths, caterpillars, grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and pecans. Without these insects being consumed it may lead to an over population of the organisms in the area where the woodpecker lives such as the southeastern United States. It is important to conserve this species and to stop cutting down the oak trees in which these organisms live in.

3. I agree with the article Why Save Endangered Species?. I believe humans should try and pay more close attention to their actions and how they are affecting organisms everyday. With something as simple as not cutting down as many trees in an area, not polluting the environment, or reusing materials the endangerment of species should be easily preventable. The food chain is delicate and if disrupted, a chain of reactions can occur. That is why we need to take more care in learning about the world, and all the organisms living in it.

  Molly C. wrote @

1.) If we stop caring about the animals that are being endangered we will have a lot more problems in our world. We use fungus to produce medicines such as Penicillin, once our share is up, it will be lost and not easily created again. Insects help to produce our food supply. There are 20 plants in this world that produce 90% of our food supply. By using chemicals in farms we are killing those insects. Many birds were affected by the large amount of DDT pesticides used. It made their eggs become weak, and not easily protected. The ecosystems services eventually collapse. The air will eventually become polluted and our climate will be irregular. Animal watching brings in a lot of money to our country’s economy. Endangered species are some of the most beautiful animals in our country. By endangering one specie the whole food web is affected by over population of another specie.

2.) The bald eagle is an endangered specie in the northeast region. They have been on the list for a long time now. In the early 1800’s they were being directly killed. The Bald Eagle Protection Act in 1940 could not prevent this animal. The chemical DDT and other pesticides that were being used in the 1960’s weakened the animals eggs and made it hard for them to reproduce. At one point there were only 500 breeding pairs in the wild. By banning DDT the eagles were no longer being poisoned.

3.) I agree with everything that this article has said. There are many issues with global warming that must be controlled before we run out of time.

  christ4 wrote @

i think that we should care about saving the environment. my first reason is that too many species are becoming extinct. 2- global warming.3- most of the medicines causes problems and sicknesses.4- bad for the econemy.5-economically good to save trees.6- killing wild life throws off the rate of evolution.

one endangered species is the chestnut trees. they used to be very common and helpful until people started killing them for manufacured goods. then a virus called blight came out and killed off the rest of them.

i agree with the article because now i fealize that killing all of these species for goods is just wrong. also i love to snowboard and ski so global warming could melt the snow which would be bad. i now have to work for all of my mony so i realize that money shouldn’t be wasted on pointless reaserch.

  EdwardB wrote @

1. Six reasons we should save endangered species are
for esthetic reasons as well as, ecological, historical,
educational, recreational, and scientific value to the world.
2.The red squirrel has become an endangered species. It has become endangered because humans have introduced another type of squirrel to it’s region. Also it’s habitat is being destroyed.
3.Ye, I agree with the article. We as a human race are slowly killing our biosphere. The earth is made up of many different ecosystems when one organism becomes extinct it effects all the other organisms. This can effect you directly because many of these organisms could carry complex cures for diseases which could save your life.

  Miranda D. wrote @

1. A. Endangered species play a vital part in keeping the world turning, per say. The support food chains that perform tasks like clean the air. Destroying one species could cause an entire ecosystem to collapse.
B. Plants and animals can provide medicines, but if we destroy species, some cures will be lost forever.
C. The environment of an area can draw in tourists and produce money for the area.
D. Who are we to kill off an entire species?
E. Predator-prey relationship will keep populations at bay
F. Animals can be used at pesticides instead of chemicals.

2. An endangered species in the north east is the North Atlantic Right Whale. The Right Whale can grow to 36 to 59 feet long and weigh about 120,000 pounds. They are usually black or dark gray, with large fins. A Right Whale eats krill and other small crustaceans.

3. I completely agree with this article. The world around us is an important thing that should be treasured and protected. We know of only one planet with life on it in the vastness of space. To knowingly destroy the life on this planet seems horribly short sighted and selfish.

  Braford (Ford) F. wrote @

1. Endangered species are of esthic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational and scientific value to humans on Earth.

2. One endangered species that inhabits the Northeast is the Canada lynx. This creature, which is closely related to the bobcat, is often called the “Ghost of the Forest.” This is ironic because if they are not helped soon they may go extinct. ie They would be a “Ghost.” They are slightly larger then a bobcat ranging from around 20-30 pounds. They are only found mainly in Canada and the very northern areas of Maine. They were listed as a threatened creature in 2000. In 2005, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service marked10,000 square miles in Aroostook, Franklin, Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Somerset counties as protected habitat for the newly recognized species.

3. I do agree with this artical in the message it tried to get across, but I think that it is a bit paticular, or otherwise extreme. As it stated, species come and go. Species go extinct. I personally believe that we really shouldn’t be trying to mess with nature even to protect animals. Rather I think we should be focusing on ways NOT to impact the environment. If we all stopped messing around with the ozone and destroying ecosystems then I’m sure there wouldn’t really BE a need for animal protection. If humans did not tamper with the environment, for good or for bad, then I’m sure the animals and plants would get along just fine without our help. This article seems to think that some extinctions are ok but the number of extinctions per period of time is increasing. i really don’t think we should tamper with the environment anymore than we already have. Look where we’re headed now. I believe that scientist estimate that we will have burned all of the fossil fuels on the planet within the next century. This estimation is under the assumption that we are all not in a firey inferno that we used to call Earth by then. The bottem line is we need to stop hurting all organisms of the world, rather then putting them on the brinkt of extinction then saying “Oops!” and trying to save them again. If action is not taken to stop affecting the environment, then we will fall into a cycle of things, then trying to bring them back to health. If we stopped tampering, then species could come and go naturaly, with no hard feelings on the side of humans.

  Alex Pap. wrote @

1. -the removal of one species can set off a chain reaction, affecting many others
-biogical diversity has many contributions to the field of medicine
-many forms of life show benefits for agriculture
-many individual species are uniquely important as indicators of environmental quality
-some benefits of animals and plants can be quantified, just like the Texas Parks incident
-is it really our choice whether or not a species lives or not?
2. red-cockaded woodpecker
3. I completely agree with what the article had to say. Having animals in our lives can benefit us greatly, However we’re polluting the environment, and making it so certain species can no longer survive. This pollution must be stopped, that is if we want to see less and less species from going extinct.

  Justin S wrote @

1. One reason is that these endangered animals may provide cures for diseases. Another reason is that some organisms clean the air or water like fresh water mussels. Another reason is that endangered animals like wolves can fix a broken food web, like in Yellowstone. Another reason is that you can use the plants in agriculture. For example to get rid of pest bugs, or to make a new species so you can grow it somewhere else. Another reason is that if the species goes extinct then the rest of the ecosystem could fall apart. The last reason is that you will not be able to learn about the species and gain further knowledge about our biosphere.
2. The Canada Lynx is an endangered species that lives in Maine. It was put on the endangered list in 2000. It weighs from 20-30 pounds. It has big hind feet that act like snowshoes. They are almost never found in any other state.
3. I agree with this article. I agree because saving a species is important. If a species goes extinct, then we don’t know if that species could have impacted our lives.

  Derek C wrote @

1. Endangered species need to be cared for otherwise they will become extinct meaning that they will not be present on the planet anymore. Another reason we should save endangered species is because if one species go extinct the whole ecosystem in which they are living could disfunction. These species that may go extinct contribute good educational opportunities for the children studying them. Further more most of the endangered species are endangered because we are destroying their habitat and it is only fair that we help them. Then there is the possibility if that we do not save endangered species that having them gone could cause many other species to die out and so on. Some plants can create medicines for animals to use but if for example a plant that is the cure for cancer dies out there is no way that we can bring it back, meaning that there will never be a cure for cancer again. On top of all those other reasons biodiversity is one of the top reasons why we should save endangered species. the biodiversity of plants and animals can help farmers produce more crop to feed a growing nation.

2. One animal that is endangered in the northeast would be the Plymouth red bellied turtle. These turtles can grow up to 15 inches long and are located deep within ponds, rivers, and lakes. This species are very easy to hunt for birds as there younglings are hidden poorly.

3. I do agree with this article that certain species should be taken care of if they are endangered. For many reasons like it could cause a disruption within the biosphere and the food web. The most trouble some fact is how we are cutting down forests at such an alarming rate. Overall it is important to farmers to have biodiversity among plants as well as the ecosystems. But above all medicines could be lost if we do not stop species form dyeing out. For these reasons I would say that the article is correct in that we should make sure that we cab save as many species as possible from going extinct.

  B Hiro. wrote @

1.) Endangered species are:
Esthetically- relation to human theories or beliefs, also the adition of natural beauty into our surroundings.
Ecologically- animal relations to natural food chains, cause and effect with our species/ environment.
Educationally- process of learning from/ about certain animals, creates a pethora of human interest.
Historically- develops further adaptation skills, creates interests concerning medicine or other prevention of extinction.
Recreationally- provides jobs and personal hobbies, people are naturally interested in the world around them, thus resulting in increased profit for Wildlife Parks.
Scientifically- study of certain animals, provides knowledge and professions, all scientific research aimed at benefitting the human race/ environment.
important to our environment.
2.) The Blue Whale- can grow up to 110 ft, eat krill (40 mil. a day), mating aug. to winter, make vocal sounds to one another, whaling has created extreme depleations in population, whaling bans lead to an about 7.3% increase a year.
3.) I agree that we as a human race must be worried of the number of endangered species. These species have as much right to be on the Earth as we do. The number of extinctions also have direct/ indirect effects on our own populations. We must find ways to decrease the number of extinctions. Also, the increase of biodiversity is a very big benefit to our health as a whole. Steps must be taken to better our world and a way to start is to save the endangered species.

  Sarah Lev. wrote @

1. one reason to save the endangered species is that it is our fault as humans for the rapid decline in many species. we have cause many animals to die due to pollution. another reason would be that many plants provide shelters and necessities to not only animals but humans as well. many plants are crops to many families. another reason would be that the biosphere is very delicate and one change in it could disrupt many other organisms, including humans. also if one organism is lost its DNA and other materials can not be retrieved. a cure or important medicine could be lost when that species dies. another reason is that medicines for almost everything have been made form plants or animals and without them they could not be created to help us. farmers also use insects to get rid of certain pests and help grow our food better. this directly relates to us and what we eat.
2. the bald eagle or the national bird of the U.S. is usually brown with a white head and tail. it has a moderately long tail and a wide wingspan. its average life span is 20 years.
3. yes i agree with this article because i think it is very important to care about the endangered species, because they do more for us than we will ever know.

  stephen b wrote @

preserve things nature created
they are living creatures
there unique
help keep the ecosystem balanced
so environmental police don’t get mad at you

An endangered species in the NE is the bald eagle. It is the national symbol in the USA. The body length is 71 cm to 100 cm

I disagree with this article because I believe if the animal can’t survive on its own it doesn’t deserve to live with are help unless it benefits society

  Cal S. Period 6 wrote @

1. -If a species goes extinct, it could permanently disrupt a number of food chains.
-Many organisms are beneficial to agriculture.
-The removal of just one species can set off a chain reaction, affecting many other organisms.
-Ecosystems are essential to our agricultural, pharmaceutical, and industrial activities. If one organism leaves an ecosystem, all of these activities can be interrupted.
-Some organisms benefit the economy. Without them, there could be a decline.
-There would be little biodiversity, which is essential in ecosystems.

2. One endangered species in the northeastern region is the Atlantic Salmon. They live between Long Island and Northern Maine. It is one of the greatest pleasures of the outdoors in the context of fishing. It has become extinct due to over harvesting, dams, and water pollution.

3. I agree with the article because if one organism goes extinct, it then causes many others to eventually die out as well. There is still a chance to save this list of endangered species and we should do more to prevent the extinction of these organisms.

  Katie H wrote @

1 a) They help with medicine
b) When animals die it leads to other animals dying cause the lack of food
c) It with mess up the ecosystem if they die.
d) Less food for humans
e) They help the economy like the salmon supply people with jobs
f) Some plants help stop disease in crops
2 The Swamp Pink plant is important to the ecosystem because is disruptes the ecosystem.
3 Yes i think endangered species are important to the ecosystem and that we need to safe them

  Mary C wrote @

1. they help balance the ecosystems
they are important producers
keep the food chain in contact
we are killing their enviroment
they are beneficial
they reproduce

2.Sometimes called the “Ghost of the Forest,” the Canada lynx is a large, bob-tailed cat of the northern forests.

3.I agree with the article because i believe that we should save the endangered species because it is our own fault for them becoming endangered cause of the enviroments we are destructing. If we could just care a little more about the enviroments we come in contact with we could save species from becoming endangered.

  Alex S wrote @

1.) We should care about saving endangered species for many reasons, one of these being that they abuse the animals for commercial purposes that are harmful to animals. Also, the introduction of harmful exotic organisms, environmental pollution, and spreading diseases harm the biological heritage of our world. Lastly, several of the animal’s population have decreased incredibly, decreasing biodiversity, and tropical rainforests are losing millions acres of land each year.
2.) The eastern elk went extinct in March of 1896 in Minnesota, and “was a subspecies of elk that inhabited north and west USA and southern Canada.”
3.) I agree with the article when they talk about the importance of getting rid of great amounts of extinction, because it is important and crucial to our environment that biodiversity remains in our world.

  ricky w per. 4 wrote @

1. We should care what happens to endangered species because they have given cures to diseases, balanced ecosystems, given inspiration to artists, provided protection to crops, brought an income to the economy, and warn of dangers in an ecosystem.

2. The eastern cougar is an endangered cat in New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, and Maine. It has a uniform fulvous or tawny hue on its body and legs and its belly is pale reddish or reddish white. The inside of this cat’s ears are light-colored, with blackish color behind the ears.

3. I agree with this article because just because we have yet to find a use for a spices does not mean that there will not be one in the future. Once a species is extinct, there is no way to recreate it.

  Brian H 6 wrote @

1 endangered and threatened species have ecological, educational, historical, and scientific value.
2 If a keystone organisim died it could disrupt the food chain of an ecosystem.
3 A endangered species could have a chemical in it that could cure disease and if it became extinct then that cure would be lost.
4 Some species are used for enviromental services such as air and water pureification, Detoxification, climate regulation regeneration of soil fertility, and the maintenance of biological diversity.
5 Organisims help people produce and work in industrys of agriculture, pharmaceutical, and industrial work without them busnesses could fail.
6 Why should we beable to kill off a species and why should we be able to live and not them? would future generations forgive us for possibly destroying there economic world?

2. An example of an endagered species in the northeast is the piping plover. It is a stocky, sandy coloered bird that resembles a sandpiper.

3. I agree With the artical. We need to protect endagered species and do more to save the enviroments of these species. If a keystone organinsm becomes extinct there could be a major fluxuation in the life of many people so I think it is important to protect these organisims.

  cbfar.tperiod6 wrote @

1. We should care about saving endangered species because they are of esthetic, ecological, environmental, historical, recreational and scientific value.

2. One endangered species in the Northeast is the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. This bird’s population level has greatly decreased. Its habitat is in older pine trees because it needs the pines to excavate its cavities. The existence of the red-cockaded woodpecker is mostly responsible for the distribution of pine needles so that pine trees can grow else where.

3. I agree with this article because I think that protecting these vital species in our environment is extremely important not only for the benefit of our environment, but also for the well-being of humans. These endangered species are responsible for performing certain jobs that may seem pointless but in the long run will be essential throughout the food chain and have an effect on everyone and everything.

  Leah period 4 wrote @

1. We should care about saving endangered species because ; we don’t know what will happen to they’re ecosystem if they are gone, biodiversity has played a huge role in modern medicine, animals help keep crop eating pests away from farmers crops (they are used instead of pesticides), and they are of historical, scientific and educational value to everyone.

2. One endangered species in the Northeast is the Canada Lynx. The lynx is easily confused with its close relative the Bobcat. They weigh anywhere between 20 to 30 lbs. They have grey fur, very wide paws to act as snow shoes, and they have long ear tufts. They are very rare to be seen in the lower 48 states. They have been on the list of the Endangered Species act since 2000.

3. I do agree with this article and i do think we should do something to save the endangered species. Not only do they play a huge role on the earth but they are very unique creatures we could never get back. Because of us they are becoming extinct at a very alarming rate and we should do something to stop it. All life forms have a right to live, and we have no right to limit them or their environments. They help us in the fields of science and medicine, and they inspire people all over to world to paint, draw, sculpt, write, etc. There is non saying what will happen to the world if the animals keep becoming extinct at such a fast rate, and i think we should do something while we can.

  Andy B wrote @

1. 6 reasons why we should care about saving endangered species: medicine for us
2 can improve our economy. For example bird watching generated 85 billion dollars in 2001
3.Supply food or the population
4 Are beneficial to us. For example the American chesnut tree supplied food
5 are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to our nation

  Andy B wrote @

6. beneficial for agriculture

2. Freshwater mussels are one endangered species in the North east. They are filter feeders, drawing in water and out food particles. They help keep our waters clean. A down side is that they are the first to be affected by water pollution.
3. I agree with the article because some of the species benefit us. If a species become extinct, then it creates a chain reaction and changes the food web.

  Winona V. wrote @

1. We should care about saving endangered species for their ecological, educational, historical, esthetic, scientific, and recreational value.
2. One endangered species native to Massachusetts is the Shortnosed Sturgeon. One interesting thing about it is that it can live in either freshwater or saltwater rivers (it normally spawns in freshwater and then moves into saltier waters). It is a bottom feeder and normally stays on the bottom of the river. It’s main threats include nets, bridge construction, and pollution. Although breeding runs happen every year, a single sturgeon may only breed once in two or three years.
3. I agreed with this article due to all the large advancements that animal species all over the world have allowed us. Without different snakes, animals, and plants we wouldn’t have a good ammount of our medicines today. Maybe one of the species that reciently died in the rainforest could have cured cancer. To make future advancements keeping our animals and plants alive is vital. They are also part of an ecological cycle that is important to the live around it. We shouldn’t have factored in and caused them to become endangered so we should help to keep them alive.

  deroth. wrote @

1.a. The organisms becoming extinct may disrupt an ecosystem severely.
1.b. The organisms becoming extinct help out humans greatly and have an impact on the economy.
1.c. Many organisms becoming extinct have never been discovered.
1.d. Some extinct or almost organisms help in medicine.
1.e. They can help in farming.
1.f. They can control sediment.
2. The american chesnut, it was very large and its wood could be used as sheds/barns, and the nuts can be sold.
3. Yes i agree with this article because there are many things that we dont know about organisms on this planet and the samllest one could save us all or be keeping everything together.

  Alan S wrote @

1) – If one endangered species goes extinct, many more can suffer, called a chain reaction.
– When an ecosystem gets messed up, we (humans) can also suffer from lack of food and vegetation.
– Cash crops can also deplete, affecting our economy.
– When some animals are kept in check, many other animals can benefit (in stable pop. #’s), kind of like a reverse chain reaction.
– The more animals that are on the planet, the more unique possible cures we have, beacuse more than a quarter of medicines involve chemicals found in plants or animals, benefiting medicine.
– Biodiversity can greatly help agriculture, because our growing pop. need all the help we can get, and more the moer plants we have, then the more food we have.

2) In the Northeast U.S., the Canada Lynx is endangered. The Canada Lynx a large bob-tailed cat, found in forests, and is a predator to many small animals. If the Canada Lynx is to go extinct, many populations of smaller woodland animals like rabbits and hares would grow out of control.

3) Before I read this article i didn’t think much of saving endangered species, because it is only one of many, but after reading the article, I realized the large number of things that can be affected when just one species goes extinct.

  KaileyT4 wrote @

1) if we lose too many species then eventually ecosystems it will throw off the balance of the biosphere. They help us create,study and improve medicine. They are a benifit to the worlds agriculture. They help make us aware of dangeres in the enviorment. They can help keep the enviorment cleaner. Also certain specied are valued in the economy by a higher population.
2) Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)-The leatherback is the largest turtle and the largest living reptile in the world. Leatherback turtles face threats on both nesting beaches and in the marine environment. The greatest causes of decline and the continuing primary threats to leatherbacks worldwide are long term harvest and incidental capture in fishing gear.

3) I agree, because by helping endangered species we also help to keep the biosphere diverse, and we are giving future generations the oppurtunity to study them.

  Michelle R wrote @

1. There are many reasons why we should care about saving endagered speicies. Endangered species have a great scientific and historical value to it’s nation and it’s people. These species are becoming extinct much too fast, faster than the rate at which they were before. This introduces harmful organisms, diseases, and enviornmental pollution. Also, the American Chestnut was once a cash crop for many families besides being the habitat to many organisms. Now, people are trying to save it from the deadly fungus it was introduced to in New York. The species of the world, including endangered species, are all intertwinded and affected by each other. By having one species become extinct, it sets off a chain reaction affecting many other species. Another reason to keep endangered species is all of the reseviors of genetic material stored inside them. These materials have large health benefits to the human race. Lastly, endangered species bennefit agriculture. Farmers use specific organisms that prey on certain crop pests. Endangered speices affect our life greatly and should be saved.
2. The Bald Eagle is an endangered specie in the northeast. They inhabited the skys in millions before the Europeans came and there was only 500 breeding pairs in 1940. Their decline began in the late 1800’s and since 1995, they have had a remarkable comeback with 5,700 breeding pair currently.
3. I completely agree with the article. I believe that we are not paying as muich attention to the endangered specied of the world and we ought to before it’s too late. I hope that there is a great decline in the endangered species list soon.

  Alex R. wrote @

1)We should care about saving endangered species because they keep our surroundings beautiful and more appealing; they make a healthy ecosystem and keep the food chain in sync, they help people learn about the world and what they do to help the earth, they left some mark on the earth and it has had some impact today, they attract a lot of tourists to see and feed them in their natural habitat, and they keep the population in order.
2)One endangered species in the northeast is the bald eagle which is the national emblem of the United States. Declines in the bald eagle began in the 1800s when their food sources became scarce. Trees were being cut down and the eagles couldn’t make nests and lay eggs anymore. The Bald Eagle Protection Act was put into place in 1940, but this act was unable to protect the eagles from pesticides.
3)I agree with this article because it is very important to protect these animals. They help with the environment and if one of these species became extinct, then some species will become limited and some will over-populate because they will lose their food source. Endangered animals also need to be protected because they help keep a healthy ecosystem.

  KALI VANCE wrote @

i`m in6th grade and love animals your the people i need to talk to CAN YOU STOP KILLING AS A SPORT BECAUSE 1DETH MEANS ONE DEATH CLOSER TO EXTINCTION

  Mr. Hartan wrote @

Thanks very much for commenting, Kali. I happen to agree with you. Sometimes people don’t see the value in living things.

  Courtney Anderton wrote @

killing for the fun of it is bad. All it does is hurt the species. I agree with the antalope limit. 1 antalope per person, per year.

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